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Tell us about a new Telco-OTT solution


Solution ProviderSolutionDescription
FuzeA RCS-compliant white label messaging platform
Amdocs OTT Monetization SolutionPartnership (between carriers and OTT players management platform бактус спицами схемыи описание b

CiceroSupraCarrier-grade mVoIP app that enables users to make and receive VoIP calls on Android and iOS devices. Additional features include Video over IP, VCC and converged messaging. стихи молодой красивой паре c

Bria Softphone ApplicationsReplacing or complementing hard phones, it allows subscribers to make VoIP and Video calls over IP, see when contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.
NUViA, Fring & Converged Intelligent MessagingLeverages Fring – an IP messaging platform and uReach acquisition

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Kineto Wireless
Smart CommsAn RCS application for operators that enhances current telephony and SMS services while introducing new IP-based communications capabilities including chat, VoIP and video.

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Kineto Wireless
Smart Wi-FiTurn existing Wi-Fi access points into seamless extensions of the mobile operator network.

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Mavenir Systems
Mobile Cloud Messaging (MCM)Provides converged voice, video and messaging solutions that allow operators to offer new 4G LTE Services


rcsConnectA full RCS Application Server designed to be deployed inside a mobile network operator’s network as an IMS Application Server or a stand-alone application server


Openmind Networks
DinamotxtA tablet text messaging app available to all Android tablet users.


Openmind Networks
PorticoLaunch voice, messaging and video IP communications while leveraging core network assets.
Net-Net Session Border ControllerDelivers interactive communications services across IP network borders; supports services ranging from basic VoIP and SIP trunking to any IMS enabled service.
Application Session ControllerStreamlines business processes by integrating interactive voice, video, multimedia and instant messaging applications with IP communications services.
Interactive Session RecorderScalable and easy-to-deploy solution for IP communications session recording that lets users capture, secure, archive and manage interactive session recordings in IP telephony and unified communications environments.


Openmind Networks
White Label Partner SolutionProvides end-to-end MVoIP OTT solutions for voice and messaging. Apps are fully customised to the needs of the telco


Voxeo Labs
AmecheEmpowers carriers to grow voice, messaging, and location services with high-value applications -- it integrates with the carrier network to deliver amazing apps on regular calls and real phone numbers.