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Telco-OTT Today | July 27, 2017

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Traces Makes its Mark

By Tom Farthing for Telco-OTT Today | August 5, 2014

быстрое воздушное тесто There are approximately 11,667,897,754.5 messaging apps currently available across all operating systems and devices. Well, there aren’t actually that many but that’s what it feels like to mere mortals trawling app stores on their phones and tablets in search of that one perfect messaging app. многообразие видов живых организмов является результатом To overcome this, messaging app developers are coming up with increasingly outlandish USPs for their apps all hoping to grab a piece of the OTT or, perhaps more accurately if we are being honest, a piece of the WhatsApp pie. Some are successful of course, Snapchat turned down a multi-billion dollar offer from Facebook for its vanishing messaging app; Tinder is seemingly single-handedly increasing the world’s population with its easy to date; easy to ditch dating and messaging app; and more recently there is Traces, a messaging app which links content-stuffed messages to a physical GPS location, and integrates augmented reality  to bring it to life.

самсунг галакси с4 мини характеристики отзывы I’m not sure that Traces will truly rival the simplicity of the humble P2P OTT messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Line, but it is unique and impressively advanced nonetheless. With Traces, users can send any combination of content be it music, video, text, images, tickets or even vouchers to any one of their contacts. The receiver must then move to a set GPS location in order to unlock the content at the right time. The very idea that someone could send a loved one on a sort of treasure hunt to locations from their past to unlock forgotten memories with music seems magical, or nostalgically putrefying to some, but in practice it may be a little too much effort for people to take advantage of regularly.

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