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OTT Versus Wi-Fi: Who Will Win?

Real Time Communications | August 29, 2014

5 всероссийский съезд советов Because business professionals and consumers are headed towards a more mobile-centric way of doing things, […]

The 9 best video chat applications for Android and iPhone

Digital Trends | August 18, 2014

инструкцияпо использованию видеорегистратора fhd 1080p Cell phones have completely revolutionized the way we communicate with one another since their initial […]

Traces Makes its Mark

By Tom Farthing for Telco-OTT Today | August 5, 2014 мэтт митрион сколько побед и поражений There are approximately 11,667,897,754.5 messaging apps currently available across all operating systems and devices. Well, […]

Will MNOs look towards WebRTC for service extension?

By Sean Jackson for Telco-OTT Today | July 31, 2014

сколько крови теряет женщина во время месячных EricssonSystem Manager, Ramsundar Kandasamy, posed the following question on the Telco-OTT Today LinkedIn group. “Will […]

Signal Failure: a Wi-Fi Story

By Tom Farthing for Telco-OTT Today | July 31, 2014 как научиться кататься на велосипеде подростку Signal failure when travelling by train is arguably THE most frustrating experience one will encounter […]

Consumer smartphone usage 2014: OTT communication services

Analysys Mason | July 23, 2014

тесто способы лепки Leading messaging app WhatsApp Messenger has a very high daily average usage (18.3 minutes), higher […]

The fixed line fight back

By Sean Jackson for Telco-OTT Today | July 21, 2014 www почта россии по номеру почтового идентификатора Are we on the verge of seeing most mobile calls made indoors connect via Wi-Fi?

Shooting the (Instant) Messengers

Delta Partners | July 10, 2014

сколько калорий в жареном яйце With over 20 mobile IM apps recording 10 million monthly active users and above, the […]

VoLTE’s cost base makes it a red herring for MNOs

Maravedis Rethink | July 8, 2014 стадион ростов на карте Anyone who is getting caught up in the current enthusiasm for VoLTE should stop and […]

The third wave of telco-OTT partnerships

Telecomasia | July 4, 2014

The mobile operator-OTT dynamic has seen several transformations over the past few years. While the […]