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European MNOs missing out on €2.2bn

By Sean Jackson for Telco-OTT Today | October 6, 2014 маст си отель на карта пхукет Western European operators are potentially missing out on more than €2 billion in gross profits according […]

Say Ello to the anti-Facebook

Engadget | September 29, 2014

основы метода моделирования In the past few days, Ello has seen an incredible influx of new users. Its […]

You Can Now Try Out The Ridiculous Emoji-Only Messaging App, Emojli

Business Insider | September 1, 2014

карликовая лягушка содержание It can be refreshing when an app doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s what […]

WhatsApp to offer Free Voice Chat Soon?

Click Online | September 1, 2014

история инстаграм как добавить видео из галереи It’s widely considered that popular messaging app WhatsApp will shortly offer free voice chats. The […]

Sprint adds international Wi-Fi calling

Telecompaper | August 29, 2014 исландия 1 див турнирная таблица 2016 2017 Sprint said it will begin offering international Wi-Fi calling back to the US at no […]

Snapchat Is Now A $10 Billion Dollar Company

Business Insider | August 27, 2014

марру история воспитания в античности Snapchat is close to finalizing a $20 million fundraising round led by VC firm Kleiner […]

WhatsApp hits 600 million monthly active users

CNET | August 26, 2014 шубы мутон пятигорск каталог In the six months since Facebook announced it was buying the messaging app, the service’s […]

Snapchat reportedly plans to make news and ads part of its vanishing act

Tech Radar | August 21, 2014 сколько временив казани сейчас The Wall Street Journal reports Snapchat appears to be enlisting new partnerships with advertisers and […]

The ideal messaging app

Sean Jackson for Telco-OTT Today | August 21, 2014

подруге алене стихи What functions make the perfect OTT messaging app?

Nexmo boosts OTT quality with Telefonica deal | August 20, 2014

The lines between network operator and OTT communications provider blurred further this week as Telefónica […]